Allyson Williams PMHNP

“Every storm runs out of rain…” Gary Allen

On a daily basis every human runs through a variety of emotions; these emotions ultimately affect how we each live our lives daily. For some these emotions are joyful, dark, elating, frightening, pleasant, uncomfortable, loving, and painful.

As a society, we often have the preconception that we are always supposed to be happy and content. If we are not happy then something is wrong. We are considered an outcast or abnormal.

I have found my calling in helping people understand that there is no set normal and that we all have pleasant and unpleasant emotions. It is my goal to help people achieve their own “normal”, whatever that may be. I do not believe that every person should be the same, nor do I believe that every person should be given a cookie-cutter treatment. I firmly believe that both clinician and client should be involved in their treatment plan and thus I practice accordingly. When you leave the office, I want you to feel included, that your voice matters, that there is still hope. This goal may be accomplished in a short time frame or may be a life long process, but we can fight the battle together versus in solitude.

Personally, I was born in Nebraska, and raised in a modest household that moved around to various parts of the country. I have personally been through my own trials and tribulations, and honestly, I believe this is what helps me be empathetic with my clients. I started my education as a nurse’s aid on an Alzheimers unit and then proceeded to work my way to my current position. I worked as a psychiatric technician, nurse’s aide as I diligently studied to receive my nursing degree. Upon receiving my bachelors in nursing, I worked as charge nurse and in supervisory positions within a hospital setting. Whist being in these management positions, I continued my graduate level education to achieve my nurse practitioner degree. I have years of experience in the field of mental health and am continually evolving my practice. I currently see children and adults in a variety of settings both inpatient and outpatient. My treatment is centered around using several different modalities including medications and psychotherapy.

A trait of an excellent clinician is the continuous striving and pursuit of learning to be at the forefront of one’s practice. My promise to you, my patient, is that I will always continue trying and I welcome you to join me on that journey.