For new patient appointments, please see the new patient page.  

At follow up appointments, please be sure to arrive on-time and bring a form of payment with you.  Co-payments are expected prior to the session.  I appreciate that your time is extremely valuable.   It is my intention to make every effort to see you, my patient, in a timely fashion.  Though there may be situations which arise during the day which can result in delays, I hope that those are rare instances and otherwise, I anticipate seeing you at your allotted appointment time.  Typically, follow- up appointments are fifteen minutes in length.  Please feel free to bring a list of questions or concerns that you may want to review at these appointments. 

Lastly, we ask that you provide 48 hours of notice for cancellation of your appointment.  If you are unable to make the appointment and have not given the required 48 hours notice, a $50 charge will be made.  This is not covered by the insurance company and you will be personally responsible for this charge.