New Patient

To the New Patient

      Blues City Psychiatry is accepting new patients.   However, we are only able to accept a limited number of new patients.  Maintaining high standard of care is important to us.  We want to ensure that when a new patient is accepted, we are available to provide quality care.   Depending on your needs and the current caseload, you may be given an appointment, put on a waiting list, or given alternate referrals for care.

To inquire about becoming a new patient: Please fill in the new appointment form online or call the office at 901-682-3035.  We will review the insurance panels that we are currently contracted with and the remaining details regarding securing an appointment.

When you come to your first appointment, please do the following:

  • On your first visit please arrive at least 20 mins ahead of your appointment time
  • Bring your current medications with you.
  • Bring a copy of any medical records that you think may be important and pertinent to your care.
  • Bring a form of payment.
  • Please be sure to arrive thirty minutes early to your first appointment to complete the necessary forms for an initial appointment.
  • (Optional) If you can fill/and print the new patient forms on the right margin, you will save time when you arrive at the office

Please remember that if you are unable to arrive for your appointment, you must give notice at least 48 hours prior. If not a fee of $50 will be incurred