COVID-19 response

May 6, 2022

We are now operating on a hybrid-type appointments. This is where we bring patients in as requested by the providers. We are mindful of keeping the waiting room COVID protocols (i.e: seat 6 feet apart, wear mask) to ensure patient and staff protection.


March 16, 2020

To our Clients:

Those of you with upcoming appointments, we are calling each of you to reach out with a series of screening questions to best determine how to care for you.  

  1. Have you traveled to any of these locations in the last 14 days? 
    1. China
    2. Iran
    3. South Korea
    4. Italy
    5. Japan 
  2. Have you had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 in the last 14 days? 
  3. Have you had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days? 
    1. Fever greater than 100
    2.  New issues of difficulty breathing
    3. Sore throat
    4.  Cough 

If you answered YES to any of these questions,, please call your primary care provider or your State Department of Health for further direction.

If you answered NO to all the questions and need to visit your provider plan to visit the clinic as usual. However, we strongly recommend the you seek alternate options via telephone or video based encounters which are mostly  covered by insurance. This will also be consistent with the current CDC recommendations

If you have not received a phone call from us or were unavailable at the time we called, please call us back at your earliest convenience  (901-682-3035).

Thank you for your understanding


March 19, 2020

     Effective March 23rd all appointments will be conducted via telemedicine thru the use of zoom. Most insurance companies have approved such visits.  Should a patient not have access to technology to support video encounters, we will conduct telephone encounters

     People with preexisting mental health conditions should continue with their treatment plans during an emergency and monitor for any new symptoms

     We understand that given the current circumstances, there is increased likelihood of anxiety, mood fluctuations, trauma responses, tendencies towards increased alcohol use and a variety of worsening symptoms.

     We want to assure you that we are available to support you and address your mental health needs in this challenging time.

Thank you

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Staff will be using the following the procedures listed below:

  • BCP staff will not report to work if they are sick.
  • Staff will wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and use approved hand sanitizer.
  • Proper cough/sneeze etiquette (coughing or sneezing into their upper sleeve or tissue, not the hands) will be followed.
  • They will avoid close contact with people who are sick outside of Blues City Psychiatry.
  • They will avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed/un-sanitized hands.