Initial Diagnostic Psychiatric Evaluations: 

Typically lasts 30-60 minutes. Be prepared to share the reason for seeking care, an inquiry about your current social circumstances, family relationships, current and past use of alcohol and other substances, past treatment history, current and past diagnoses, previous and currently prescribed medications, and discuss your and your family’s detailed medical history, and psychiatric history.

Medication management:

Typically involves disusing recent symptoms, side effects from medications, progress and any updates on your mental health. These visits usually last between 15-20 minutes with medication adjustments if needed. This session is not for psychotherapy although in certain cases therapeutic interventions will be used to help the patient navigate psychosocial stressors.

We are happy to offer pharmaco-genetic testing via Genesight TM to analyze clinically important genetic variations in your DNA.  The results of the test can inform us about genes that may impact how you metabolize or respond to certain medications. Studies have shown that medications that are tailored to your genetic makeup may work better and with fewer side effects.  If you are interested in having this genetic test performed, please let us know during your intake.

Offering a 2nd opinion diagnosis:

Typically recommended for patients who struggle with ongoing psychiatric symptoms despite receiving care. Such appointments follow similar steps to the Initial evaluation. Be sure to mention this during your intake.

Higher levels of care for patients in crisis:

Typically recommended for adult patients struggling with psychiatric crisis. A psychiatric crisis is any situation in which a person’s actions, feelings, and behaviors can lead to them hurting themselves or others, and/or put them at risk of being unable to care for themselves or function in the community in a healthy manner.